Important information from Air India

for passengers departing from Tokyo (Narita) on AI307





Since March 22nd, 2020, scheduled international commercial passenger flights to India has been suspended by Director General of Civil Aviation, Government of India (DGCA).  In this situation, your flight AI307 is operated under Air Transport Bubbles.  Air Transport Bubbles is a special arrangement between India and Japan for eligible passengers.  Please refer the government information on


In view of COVID-19 epidemic prevention, passengers of Air Transport Bubbles as well as airlines are requested to follow the guidelines.  The following 5 points are major guidelines for passengers, and passengers are cordially requested to understand and prepare before the departure;


1.     Submission of passengers contact

Airlines should submit passenger manifest including their contact such as mobile (telephone) number, address and e-mail ID to the Indian Mission in the country concerned for the purpose of epidemic prevention.   Passengers are requested to visit following link to send these information to Air India at least 2 days before departure;


In case of the flight reservation on 1 day before, please send these information by departure.  Information obtained from this link shall be forwarded to the Embassy of India in Japan with utmost security, and will not be kept by Air India.


2.     Submission of quarantine information by gAir Suvidhah

The Government of India has requested advance registration of quarantine information through gAir Suvidhah for all international passengers reaching India.

I.          gAir Suvidhah registration form can be accessed from the official portal of New Delhi Airport;


All passengers are requested to complete registration by themselves before departure.  (Even in the case that the arrival airport is not New Delhi, the same registration is required from this portal.)

II.        Airlines are directed by the Government of India to ensure registration of their passengers.  In case the registration cannot be confirmed at the time of check-in, airlines may not accept boarding.

III.      For the registration, seat number is required.  Therefore it is recommended to make advance reservation of your seat.  In case you do not make advance seat reservation, please complete this registration after the check-in for the flight, but before departure.

IV.      There is a box of PNR (reservation reference number) in the form, but it is not a mandatory field.

V.        When passengers meet certain conditions, they may apply for the exemption of institutional (hotel) quarantine for the first 7 days at the arrival city.  Application for this exemption has to be made by 72 hours prior to the departure also on gAir Suvidhah.

VI.      For enquiry of gAir Suvidhah, please contact;

    Airport Health Organization (APHO) 24 x 7 Helpline at (+91) 11-2565-3408 or

    My Gov corona helpdesk (WhatsApp number) at (+91) 90-1315-1515

Please also refer


3.     Submission of written undertaking

On traveling under Air Transport Bubbles, passengers are requested to give an undertaking that they are making the journey at their own risk.  Please use the print out of the attached form and bring it to the check-in counter.  Columns of BN, SEAT and TEMP are to be filled at the airport check-in counter.  The same format is also available there.


4.     Limitation of in-flight services including meals

In aircraft cabin of Air Transport Bubbles, airlines are instructed to minimize the risk of infection through contact between passengers and crews.  In-flight services are therefore largely restricted and are different from that of our scheduled flights;

    In-flight meals are served in disposable boxes, and with only two choices that are vegetarian and non-vegetarian.  Special meals by various reasons including religion, health, etc. cannot be served in the cabin of Air Transport Bubble.  We apologize our inability for preparing special meals for passengers already placed request for them.

    Other in-flight services are also provided under the DGCAfs guidelines, may not be the same as our scheduled flights.

    Limitation of cabin baggage is 8kg for Economy Class and 12kg for Business Class.  Weight of laptop PC itself can be excluded from these allowances.  Other odd size items such as umbrella, musical instruments, etc. cannot be brought into the cabin.


5.     Social distancing in aircraft cabin

In view of COVID-19 epidemic prevention, passengers are requested to understand and cooperate in aircraft cabin;

    Wearing of mask, face shield, etc.

    Keeping hands clean using sanitizer, etc.

    Seats will be assigned keeping distances between passengers.  However, in case that distances cannot be taken due to passenger load, passengers on specific seats are requested to wear disposable gown that will be provided by Air India.

    Last 3 seat rows in right hand side of the cabin should be reserved according to the guidelines.  Passengers already selected seat 37G, 37H, 37J, 38G, 38H, 38J, 39F, 39H and 39J are requested to shift to others at the time of check-in.


SOPs for India bound passengers issued by the Embassy of India in Japan is also attached for your reference.  We are looking forward to welcoming you on board.




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